Who We Are

A holistic, forward-thinking method of treatment

Who We Are

Movement By Design is an Osteopathic clinic developed to help people move the way they were intended to move – with eloquence and fluency. Unfortunately, the architecture of the modern world stops us moving in such a way. We sit, we slump, we develop restriction of movement. Much of our movement is no longer natural but rather dictated by a lifestyle of convenience. The result of this is poor biomechanics, poor movement patterns and eventually restriction or injury.

Our goal is therefore to undo the restrictions brought about by the typical lifestyle of today and create a more stable, flexible and mechanically sound body that is free from pain and capable of achieving peak performance.

We represent a paradigm shift from a one-dimensional style of treatment to a more holistic method which incorporates a diverse range of treatment options including soft tissue and fascial work, joint articulation/manipulation, dry needling, mobility and strength work.

We take the time to educate you up front so you know what is going on with your body, as well as teach you ways to treat yourself outside of our sessions for the best results.

Our forward-thinking model considers your body as an entire unit of function rather than just a collection of parts to be treated in isolation. Every body is different and as such your time at Movement By Design will be unique to you.

Dr. Luke Bryan - Principal Osteopath at Movement By Design

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